Snap and Send

What is QSnap

The QSnap Solution improves productivity by implementing a much more user-friendly platform for logging and managing requests for any problem or asset. The possibilities of this solution are endless

It takes the hassle out..

It has never been easier for people and organisations. It's as simple as scanning a QR code, registering your request or issue and send. The request gets logged and the responsible teams are immediately notified to action.

QSnap simplifies what other solutions make complex and unmanageable

QSnap was designed to simplify problem management. Scan, Send and the process begins immediately. It takes the hassle and extreme costs out of the problem, Request, Asset and Call management.


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User Friendly

QSnap was designed not to be complex and with the mindset that it be beyond user-friendly.

Unique to every client

Possibilities are endless. QSnap can be designed, configured and setup unique to the needs of your organisation.


By removing the complexity experienced by other request management solutions, QSnap is an immediate response once you Snap and Send.

All round